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- Data -
the date of a deed;
the time when it was given;
facts from which to draw a conclusion

- Analyst -

analyzes the organization
and design of businesses,
government departments,
and non-profit organizations;
analyst also assess business models

and their integration with technology.

- Curator -

person in charge of a museum, library, etc.

In nature we see the interconnectedness of all things.
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

  • Christopher Bracey | Data Analyst, Curator


  • Bracey Research 2012


  • Richland County, SC


  • Kings County, NY

Work History

  • 10-20: DHL | Multi Co. Customs Specialist

  • 05-10: NCR | BofA Account Manager

  • 04-05: BellSouth | Tech Specialist

  • 02-04: Tapas Bar & Lounge| Manager

  • 02-03: SC | Auctioneers License

  • 00-02: Comm. Bank | Data Process Officer


  • History, Technology, Trade

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