Purpose - the intention, aim, goal, by design; the reason for which something is done or created.

We share our independent basic or applied research methods of comprehensive data with our subscribers. Consistent evaluation of existing database management systems and procedures assure efficient and effective updates in relation to document security, sharing and storage. We work with individuals using the platform (GCP) and digital medium ensuring there ability to access, archive, secure and send documents on-demand with ease.


The goal of Bracey Research is the discovery of new knowledge and ways to apply new findings in the short (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and long (2o, 40, 60 year) term.

The purpose of the above activity is to improve the functionality, performance, reliability and quality of existence for the subscriber seeking a niche solution, explanation or strategy as it relates to accommodationemployment, entrepreneurship, independent contractinginvestments, logisticsnecessariespublic relations and trade


Below you'll find a color coded explanation of expenses every entity encounters.

(Note: Taxes are encountered in every business activity)

Bracey Research develops an understanding of the subscribers fair market value and knowledge of industries. Through collective bargaining, the subscriber(s) intrinsic value is acknowledged by corporations and business owners as a subscriber base worthy of adjusted rates. Worth is calculated and demonstrated through authentic accountability and productivity.

Administrative duties consist of although are not limited to subscriber account maintenance and management along with multiple software and hardware  systems maintenance (spreadsheets, email, portable document format, soft document storage, etc.).

Executive  duties consist of although are not limited to continuous research, experimentation with new technologies, networking,  negotiatingintegration analysis,  and evaluation of services.

This subscription is for the individual and entities willing to take advantage of a group knowledge economy while implementing a sustainable growth model.

How to reduce Lawyer fees and cost: 

  • Provide complete, accurate, and organized  documentation related to establishing damages

  • Review all documents regarding: Damages and Coverage, Denial Letters, Insurance Policies, and third party reports

  • Respond promptly to requests, information approval, and execution of documents

  • Do not wait until the last minute, this results in additional work and associated costs


Lawyer fees and cost include

(although are not limited to):

1. Obtaining Documents

2. Organizing Documents

3. Review of Documents

4. Photocopying

5. Transcripts

6. Calls (each)

7.  Email (each)

8. Postage

9. Messengers

10. Consultants

11. Accounting

12. Appraisers

13. Computerized Legal Research

14. Filing Fees

15. Service of Process

16. Forensic Accounting

17. Investigative Services

18. Mediation

19. Subpoena

20. Court Appearances

21. Court Reporters

22. Exhibits

23. Expert Witnesses

24. Translators

25. and more...

Bracey Research is NOT a legal services provider.