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The Art of Organization(s)

Interesting Groups Collectively Bargaining

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The Art of...(by definition) a specific skill acquired through practice Virtual Museum (by definition) a collection of digitally recorded images, sound files, text documents, and other data of historical, scientific, or cultural interest that are accessed through electronic media. Findings suggest; a single museum visit can affect historical empathy, tolerance, and critical thinking skills resulting in short (wkly, mthly, qtrly) and long (20, 40, 60 year) term advantages. Guided Tour | Curator-led visitors experience and leave with a sustainable growth model, identifying (successful) historic organizational methods used by others (leaders) to address issues similar to their own. ______________________________________________________________________________ Follow (by definition) keep track of; trace the movement or direction of. [Exhibit 001] Accommodations (affiliate program) * Addressing others concerns to solve an issue * Companies that have shared resources, interests, or business dealings. * Electronic Mail Tuesday's [Exhibit 100] Soft Asset | Surname : * Necessaries - Things useful for the sustenance of human life. (origin or land) * Documents - Instruments (data maintenance) [Exhibit 200] Digital Medium | Storage : * Access - Submarine Cable (streaming info) * Capital - Administrative center (archived info) Wednesday's [Exhibit 300] Social Network | Society : * Bills - Proposal presented for discussion  (what YOU want) * Council - Meet Regularly / Manage City (when & where) * Officials - Rep. of an organization (who's who) [Exhibit 400] Virtual Community | Media : * News, Entertainment, Education (informative vs. persuasive) * Broadcast - Distribution of audio and video content (agenda vs. propaganda) Thursday's [Exhibit 500] Resources | Purpose : * Trade - The act of exchanging commodities (products & services) * Shipping & Ports (movement of resources) * Reserve - Retain for future use (supply of commodities) [Exhibit 600] Real Time | Exchange : * Uncertainty Principle (movement vs. position) * Instant updating and verification (notifications & alerts) * Corresponding to real life situations (fact vs. fiction) ______________________________________________________________________________ Visitors | Guest are welcome to exit tour as needed on any given day. This is a relaxed environment.

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