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Ethnic Settlement Patterns 1760

Originally the name of the Apalachee, a Muskogean people of northwestern Florida, perhaps from Apalachee abalahci "other side of the river" or Hitchiti (Muskogean) apalwahci "dwelling or one side." Tuscaloosa - river in Alabama, first attested in Spanish as Tascaluza, from Choctaw (Muskogean) taska-losa, literally "warrior-black."

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Tuskaloosa and his chiefdom are recorded in the chronicles of Hernando de Soto's expedition, which arrived in North America in 1539. De Soto had been appointed Governor of Cuba by King Carlos I of Spain, who directed him to conquer Florida, which was taken to comprise what is now the Southern United States, as adelantado. In 1539, De Soto landed near Tampa, Florida, with 600-1,000 men and 200 horses and began a circuitous exploration of modern-day FloridaGeorgiaSouth Carolina and Alabama, often engaging in violent conflict with the indigenous peoples. As they traveled, the expedition kidnapped natives to act as bearers and interpreters of the many different language families (Muskogean, YamaseeIroquoian Cherokee, and others) of the Southeast. The conquistadors frequently took a local chief hostage to guarantee safe passage through his territory. By October 1540, the Expedition had reached the middle of modern-day Alabama.



Descendants of Samuel Bracey
Generation No. 1
1. SAMUEL1 BRACEY was born 1762 in Brunswick Co VA, and died 1808.
He married TABITHA HICKS 1785 in Brunswick Co VA.  She died 1858.
Samuel1 Bracey, son of Thomas Bracey and Mary Floyd, was born in Brunswick County, Virginia about 1760-1765.(1) Samuel died December 1808. Samuel died intestate. The guardian accounts of all four of his orphans are in the Brunswick County records (Guardian Accounts, vol. 1 (1815), page 56, and (1820) pages 111, 113, 115, 116).
An inventory of his estate was taken on 10 December 1808 and included 17 Negroes, much livestock and household furniture. Edward W. Harrison was administrator and Tabitha Bracey was administratrix. The appraisers were Wm Huffe, Harrison Barnes, and Samuel Moseley. It was recorded on 29 March 1809 (Brunswick Will Book 7, page 320).
A sale of some of the estate was held at Samuel’s late residence on 23 December 1808, and payable on 25 December 1809. Tabitha Bracey bought most of the furniture, sheep, corn, etc. (Brunswick County Will Book 7, page 349).
He married Tabitha Hicks 1 April 1785 in Brunswick County, Virginia.(2) The bondsmen were Hamlin Hicks and Thomas N. Smith, and the minister was Edward Dromgoole. The bride was “under age.” Tabitha was the daughter of Robert Hicks and Rebecca Harrison.
Tabitha died circa 1858.(3) An account of sale of Tabitha King was recorded in Cheatham County, Tennessee, dated 31 October 1858. The total value of the estate was $1059.61.
She made a will 11 December 1856 in Cheatham County, Tennessee.(4) It was as follows: I, Tabitha King, do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at anytime made. First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executor. Secondly, I give to my grandaughter Hannah R. Osborn during her natural life one negro woman named Cloe, one negro man named Daniel and one other negro boy named Washington. At the death of my grandaughter H.R. Osborn the above named negroes to go over to the children of her body, should the said H.R. Osborn die without child or children then the above named negroes to go over to the child or children of my grandaughter Josephine T. Hudgens. Thirdly, I give to my grandaughter Josephine T. Hudgens during her natural life one negro woman named Cyntha. one girl named Tennessee and one boy named James and their increase and at the death of my grandaughter Josephine T. Hudgens the above named negroes to go over with their increase to the children of her body, should the said Josephine T. Hudgens die without child or children then all the above named negroes with their increase go over to my grandson Benjamin L. Hudgens. Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my grandaughter Josephine T. Hudgens and H.R. Osborn all my household furniture to be equally divided between them. Fifthly, I direct that my executor sell all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs, all my farming utensils, and kitchen furniture and the proceeds to be equally divided between my three grandchildren, Benjamin L. Hudgens, Josephine T. Hudgens and H.R. Osborn. Sixthly, the tract of land on which I now live to be sold or divided as they may prefer if sold the proceed to be equally divided between them, if divided to be divided according to value, equally between them. Seventhly, I hereby nominate and appoint Willie W. Williams my executor to this my last will and testament, in testimony whereof I have hereon to set my hand and seal this 11th day of December A.D. 1856. Tabitha King (seal)
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of Elijah Hudgens and A.J. Teasley. Tabitha moved with her second husband and at least two of her children, Tabitha and Harrison H., to Tennessee. In August 1818 her daughter, Tabitha, was appointed a guardian, named Samuel Huff, in Robertson County, Tennessee (Brunswick County Deed Book 25, page 22). On 13 November 1826, Paschal Bracey was given power of attorney for his mother, Tabitha King, of Robertson County, Tennessee, to secure her part of her mother’s estate (Brunswick County Deed Book 27, page 212). In a letter from W.C. Parham of Benton, Arkansas, to Sam Bracey of Little Rock, Arkansas, dated 30 October 1906, it was alleged that Samuel Bracey of Brunswick County, Virginia, had served in the Revolutionary War, but no records have been located to so prove such a statement. Samuel witnessed a deed of sale of 300 acres from Thomas Bracey to Sackfield Bracey, 23 November 1790 (Brunswick Co. Deed Book 15, page 128). He acted as security in 1795 when Thomas was granted a license to keep an ordinary at his house (Brunswick Co. Order Book 15, page 516).
i.    HARRISON HYRAM2 BRACEY, b. 1799.
ii.    TABITHA S BRACEY, 1802, Brunswick County VA
iii.    THOMAS HARRISON BRACEY, b. 1800.
iv.    PASHAL PETER H BRACEY, b. 1804, Brunswick Co VA; d. 1863, Mecklinburg Co VA.


Generation No. 2
1.  TABITHA S. BRACEY (Samuel Bracey1) was born ABT 1802 in Brunswick County, Virginia.
She married Benjamin W. Bradley ABT 1818 in Robertson County, Tennessee, son of Joseph John Bradley and Rebecca Woodson. He was born 1807 in North Carolina, and died 27 SEP 1880 in Robertson County, Tennessee. 
Children of Tabitha S. Bracey and Benjamin W. Bradley are:
i.        William W. Bradley.
ii.      John Joseph Bradley was born 9 DEC 1828 in Tennessee, and died 27 MAR 1906 in Cheatham County, Tennessee.
iii.    Samuel H. Bradley was born 1832 in Robertson County, Tennessee.
iv.     Jesse Bradley was born 1836.
v.      Mary H. Bradley was born 1837 in Robertson County, Tennessee. She married John M. Frey.
vi.     Thomas P. Bradley was born 1843, and died in Robertson County, Tennessee.
vii.    Bellfield Carter Bradley was born 21 DEC 1844 in Robertson County, Tennessee, and died 24 MAR 1934 in Robertson County, Tennessee.

2. HARRISON HYRAM2 BRACEY (SAMUEL1) was born 1799.  He married (1) PAULINE WILLIAMS.  She died Bef. 1850.
He married (2) MARY ANN Bef. 1850.  She was born 1802, and died 1877 in Marion IL.
He married twice. He married Pauline Williams. He married Mary Ann before 1850.(5) Mary was born circa 1802. Mary died 1877 Marion, Williamson County, Illinois.
Harrison was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(6) He was head of a family with one male aged 16-25 and one female under 10 and one female aged 16-25. One slave was in the household.
Harrison was listed as the head of a family on the 1830 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(7) In his household were two males under aged 5, one male 5-10, one male 10-15, one male 30-40 and one female under 5, one female 30-40, and two slaves.
Harrison was listed as the head of a family on the 1840 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(8) Living in the household were two males under aged 5, two males 5-10, one male 40-50 and one female 5-10, one female 10-15, one female 30-40. Four slaves were then in the household.
In the Census of 1850, Harrison was listed as a head of household Robertson County, Tennessee.(9) He was listed as age 51, a farmer, born in Virginia, and living with him were his wife Mary, age 48, Elizabeth, age 21, Angelina, age 18, William, age 16, and Harrison H., Jr., age 13, all born in Tennessee. In Tennessee an indenture revealed: “1819. John H. Williams of Robertson County, Tennessee, buys land from Harrison H. Bracey of Robertson County, Tennessee for sum of $1500.00, which was value of one-fourth part of negroes of estate of Samuel Bracey, deceased of State of Virginia (Robertson Deed Book P, page 249).” “On August 10, 1819, he sold to John H. Williams ‘one-fourth part of the parcel of land bequeathed and deeded from Thomas Bracey dec’d. to his son Samuel Bracey intestate by the laws of the state of Virginia of intestate estate of said Samuel Bracey to his son Harrison H. Bracey.’ The land was bounded by the lands of Wm. Eaton, James Kirkman, Wm. Huff and was near the North Carolina line (Brunswick Deed Book 25, page 91).” This land transaction was also recorded in Tennessee: “November 1820. Harrison Bracy sells to John H. Williams in consideration of sum of $500.00, one undivided moiety, being one-fourth part of tract of land being in Brunswick County, Virginia, bequeathed by Thomas Bracey, deceased, to son, Samuel Bracey and by laws of Virginia alloted to his son, Harrison Bracey (Robertson Deed Book P, page 251).” Another transaction involving this land was also recorded in Robertson Co., Tennessee: “Nov. 7, 1820. This indenture between William Huff of Brunswick County, Virginia of one part and Harrison H. Bracey and Mary Ann Bracey, his wife and John H. Williams, all of Robertson County, Tennessee, of the other part, that for and in consideration of the sum of $500.00 paid by the said William Huff to the Braceys and Williams, they doth convey to William Huff certain tract of land lying and being in Brunswick County, Virginia. This being land bequeathed from Thomas Bracey, deceased, to his son Samuel Bracey and being granted and conveyed by Samuel Bracey to his son Harrison H. Bracey. This by laws of State of Virginia (Robertson Deed Book P, page 41).” This indenture was also recorded in Virginia: “On Nov. 17, 1820 Harrison H. Bracey and Mary Ann, his wife, and John H. Williams sold to William Huff of Brunswick Co., for $500 land extending from Wm. Huff’s corner, on the branch of Samuel Moseley’s line to Richeson’s line, along the line to Tabitha Bracey’s line, the land having been bequeathed or deeded from Thomas Bracey decd. to his son Samuel Bracey intestate (Brunswick Deed Book 25, page 229).” “In 1820 he gave Daniel Huff of Dixon Co., Tenn. power of attorney to settle his claims and interests to the estate of Samuel Bracey, decd. Brunswick Co., Va. (Brunswick Deed Book 25, page 30).”
In 1828 he appointed Benjamin Bradley attorney to sell his land in Brunswick County, “being the dowry portion of the estate of my father Samuel Bracey that descended to my mother, Tabitha King, formerly Bracey.” (Brunswick County Deed Book 27, page 484).
i.    SAMUEL HARRISON3 BRACEY, b. 1820; d. 1895, Graves County KY.
iii.    JOHN G BRACEY, b. 1825; d. 1895, Williamson County IL.
iv.    THOMAS W BRACEY, b. 1826; d. 1883, Williamson County IL.
v.    ELIZABETH BRACEY, b. 1829.
vi.    ANGELINA BRACEY, b. 1832.
vii.    WILLIAM BRACEY, b. 1834.
viii.    HARRISON H JR BRACEY, b. 1837.
3. THOMAS HARRISON2 BRACEY (SAMUEL1) was born 1800.  He married MARY W GREGG 1823 in Brunswick Co VA, daughter of WILLIAM GREGG.  She died 1866.
Notes for MARY W GREGG:
He married Mary W. Gregg 12 July 1823 in Brunswick County, Virginia.(11) The bondsman was William B. Power, the minister was Stephen Jones, and the bond was dated 7 July 1823. Mary was the daughter of William Gregg.
Children of THOMAS BRACEY and MARY GREGG are:
ii.    JOHN R. BRACEY, d. 1864.
Notes for JOHN R. BRACEY:
John died October 1864. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College, and served in the Confederate Army cavalry during the Civil War.
iii.    SAMUEL BRACEY, d. 1900, Hempstead Co AR; m. NETTIE BATTLE.
vi.    WILLIAM FREDERICK BRACEY, b. 1829; d. 1893, Camden Ouachita Co AR.
vii.    SARAH BRACEY, b. 1842.
viii.    WINFIELD J BRACEY, b. 1843; d. 1897; m. MARY U TUCKER, 1866, Mecklinburg Co VA; d. 1900.
He married Mary U. Tucker 10 June 1869. Winfield was administrator of his mother’s estate, giving bond on 16 July 1866. He owned the Cabbage Farm home place in Mecklenburg County, which he deeded to his wife. When she died three years later, she had willed it to her brother, so Winfield only had a life right to it.
4. PASHAL PETER H2 BRACEY (SAMUEL1) was born 1804 in Brunswick Co VA, and died 1863 in Mecklinburg Co VA.  He married (1) ANGELINA E SIMMONS, daughter of WILLIAM B SIMMONS.  She was born 1815, and died 1883 in Mecklinburg Co VA.  He married (2) MARY NANCY POYNER 1827, daughter of JOHN POYNER.  She died 1832.  He married (3) DOROTHY K TURBERVILLE 1833.  She died 1834.
He married three times. He married Mary Nancy Poyner 13 August 1827.(14) Bondsman was William B. Cleaton. Diggs Poynor, guardian of Mary, gave consent (her father was deceased). Nancy was the daughter of John Poynor.
Nancy died 1832/33. He married Dorothy K. Turberville 18 December 1833 in Brunswick County, Virginia.(15) The bondsman was William P. Buford, dated 9 December 1833. Consent was granted by the brides’s mother, and the minister was Littleberry Orgain. Dorothy was the daughter of Dorothy.
Dorothy died about 1834. He married Angelina E. Simmons 4 October 1835 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.(16) They were married by James McAden. Bondsman was James Holmes, and consent was granted for Angelina by her guardian, Robert Moore.
Angelina was born 9 October 1815.(17) Angelina was the daughter of William B. Simmons. Angelina died 20 March 1883 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.(18) On 13 December 1825 Paschal (Peter) Bracey sold to William Huff the 110 acres of land that he had inherited from his father on Lizzard Creek, along with his interest in the dower lands of his mother, Tabitha (Hicks) Bracey King (Brunswick County Deed Book 26, p. 474). On 13 November 1826, he was given power of attorney for his mother, then of Robertson County, Tennessee, to secure her part of her mother’s estate (Brunswick County Deed Book 27, page 212).
On 23 February 1828, he sold some property on Blacksridge in Mecklenburg County, near the Cook Place (Mecklenburg Deed Book 23, page 280). On 29 January 1830, he was an assignee of Diggs Poyner (probably father of his wife, Nancy, against Henry Rose and others (Brunswick Order Book 4, page 384).
On 10 December 1830 Peter bought 274 acres in Mecklenburg County from Thoms Walker where he spent the rest of his life at his home called “Neville” (Mecklenburg County Deed Book 24, page 393). He bought 698 acres north of this property on 5 August 1836 (Mecklenburg County Deed Book 27, page 82), and on 10 March 1840 he purchased a mill and six and a half acres, which was known as the Thomas and Bracey and Bennett mill (Mecklenburg County Deed Book 28, page 484).
Paschal and Angeline E. Bracey sold to Charles Turnbul and Peter J. Turnbull on 23 December 1842, 684 and 1/4 acres ini Brunswick County, land which he had purchased in the same year (Brunswick County Deed Book 33, page 86). In 1857 Peter bought 616 acres in Mecklenburg County at public auction for seven dollars per acre.
Peter Bracey farmed, ran a mill, and loaned money. He was said to have worn a powdered wig, and once while lying down in the back hall of “Neville,” so the story goes, he was told that Armistead Boyd was coming. He jumped up and went to his room to get his wig before meeting Mr. Boyd.
Another story about Peter Bracey concerned Parthenia Jones, sister of Pattie Lambert Bracey, and her sister, Mintie, who were visiting at the Baisey home where they met Mr. Bracey, who visited the widow Baisey regularly. As he was leaving, he bowed to the young ladies and told them that they should meet his people.
He always carried a gun with him when he went out, it was thought because he feared that the slaves might kill him.
An appraisal of his estate (crops, furniture, farm equipment) taken on 22 June 1863, showed his property to be worth $44,121.
ii.    ALTAMONT MONT HART BRACEY, b. 1841; d. 1917, Mecklinburg Co VA.
iii.    VIOLA A. BRACEY, b. 1845.
iv.    ADOLPHUS DOLL WATKINS BRACEY, b. 1846; d. 1925; m. (1) CLARA JEFFERSON; m. (2) LAURA PARKER; m. (3) NANNIE EVANS, 1889; m. (4) BEATRICE HAMILTON SAVAGE, 1894; d. 1895; m. (5) GEORGIA ETTA SAVAGE, 1896.
He married five times. He married Clara Jefferson. He married Laura Parker. He married Nannie Evans 6 November 1889. He married Beatrice Hamilton Savage 24 June 1894. Beatrice was the daughter of George Littleton Savage and Theresa Anne Hutchinson. Beatrice died 5 September 1895. He married Georgia Etta Savage 4 November 1896. Georgia is the daughter of George Littleton Savage and Theresa Anne Hutchinson.
Doll served in the military. He served in the 14th Regiment of the Virginia Infantry.
As was reported in the Confederate Veteran in 1916: “‘A Veteran of Seven Wars’ is the title A.W, Bracey bestows upon himself, and he tells interesting stories of his ‘battles’ in these wars. ‘The first war I entered was the war for the Lord. The second war was the War between the States. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh wars were the wars in marriage,’ said Mr. Bracey. ‘I have been married five times and am now in my seventh war, but the conflict is not a bitter one.’ Chaplain William Stanley, of the Orphan Brigade, to whom he told this story, said he looked like he was good for several other wars.”(45)
In 1924 the Confederate Veteran carried this article: “A.W. Bracey, Sr., of LaCrosse, Va., now seventy-eight, renews for the Veteran and writes: ‘I was in the 14th Virginia Infantry, Pickett’s Division, and have been Adjutant of L. A. Armistead Camp, No. 26, U. C. V., for many years. I was the only veteran from my county (Mecklenburg) at the Memphis reunion; there are sixty now living in the county. I am the youngest of our Camp members and the last survivor of Company E. Our captain, J. C. Hutchinson, died in Chattanooga some months ago; had been living in Houston, Tex. He was a brave man and as smart as brave. I have been married five times and reared eleven children; have thirty-seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. I married last when I was fifty and my wife was twenty. Have never spent a cent for tobacco, never was drunk, never made but one bet (as a boy on marbles). I was converted and joined the Church in 1863, and have led more songs in Church and seen more souls converted than any man of my age. Have seen the day when I could whistle against anyone, and can sing yet the notes to any tune, even ‘Goo-Goo Eyes.'”(46) Doll was considered to have a good singing voice and was well known for his physical strength. At about sixteen years of age he enlisted in the Confederate Army.
v.    ABNER PACK PASCHAL BRACEY, b. 1849, Mecklinburg Co VA; d. 1914, Mecklinburg Co VA; m. MARTHA ELIZABETH HITE, 1870; b. 1852, Lunenbug Co VA; d. 1932, Mecklinburg Co VA.
vi.    CORNELIUS OGBURN BRACEY, b. 1851; d. 1912; m. ALICE GOODE BOYD, 1876; b. 1855.
vii.    ESTELLE M. BRACEY, b. 1854; d. 1935.
Children of PASHAL BRACEY and MARY POYNER are:
viii.    WILLIAM HICKS3 BRACEY, b. 1829; d. 1913.
ix.    HUGH DAVID BRACEY, b. 1831; d. 1914, Volusia Co FL.
He married twice. He married Frances O’Brian 27 November 1851.(85) The minister was P.F. August. Mrs. P. Bracey gave consent for Hugh, who was under 21 years old.
He married Mary Cornelia 2 January 1878 in Marion County, Florida.(86) Mary applied for a pension from the State of Florida 24 March 1914 in Volusia County, Florida.(87) It was approved on 18 May 1914 at the rate of $120. She was then living in DeLand and owned a house and lot (Lot E, Block 6, Rich’s Subdivision, valued at $1800, with household and kitchen furniture valued at $150).
Ball was employed as a dentist.(88) Ball applied for a pension from the State of Florida on 31 July 1907 in Volusia County, Florida.(89) In this first application he gave his age as 76 and stated that he had enlisted in Company F (later transferred to Company I), 14th Virginia Regiment. He stated that he was discharged prior to the war under the Confederate law exempting those who worked 15 or more hands as farmers. In an application dated July 1909, he was 78 years old, stated that he had been in Volusia County, Florida, since November 1866, and had enlisted in Boydton, Virginia, in 1862 in Company F, 14th Virginia Regiment, and was discharged at Lee’s surrender, but goes on to say he was on detail from 1862 as a farmer in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and was not with the command at the time of surrender. He stated he had previously been granted a pension by the State of Florida at $120 per year. His itemized property at that date was: real estate at DeLand (Volusia County) ($2500), young orange grove at Ft. Ogden (DeSoto County) ($1500), personal property ($300). In an application dated 3 November 1913 in Volusia County, Florida, he was then 82 1/2 years old, stated he had enlisted at Norfolk, Virginia in the Petersburg Greys, 12th Virginia Regiment, afterwards transferred to the 14th Regiment, and that he was discharged in 1863 at Winchester, Virginia. He was supposedly involved at Seven Pines, White Oak Swamp, Malvern, Second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Harpers Ferry, and Sharpsburg. Documents in the file dated 1907,1909 and 1913 state that he ran a school for several years and that his “patrons” had obtained the discharge for him from President Jefferson Davis without his knowledge while he was in Maryland. He did not avail himself of its use until after the Battle of Gettysburg, keeping it in his pocket. After Gettysburg, he was having difficulty marching with a “lame foot” which he had had since boyhood. He was required to furnish a substitute in order to go home. After discharge in 1863, he spent his time in Mecklenburg County. “I have never ceased to be a rebel.” He then stated in 1913 that he had been deprived of the earlier pension he had, at first, received. Physicians’ certificates attest to his medical condition (senile debility, chronic rheumatism, and heart disease). He made reference to his earlier proofs of service. His claim was denied on 21 March 1910. A letter dated 31 October 1910 at DeLand, Florida by his brother, William H. Bracey, attested to his service. Hugh wrote a long letter of protest on the same date, making reference to his brother, William H. Bracey of Gainesville, Florida. Hugh persisted, writing to the Clerk of Court in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, looking for proof that he had served the government after his discharge. The claim was again denied on 23 November 1910. It was finally approved on 23 December 1913 at the rate of $150 per year. The record of the War Department, Washington, DC, showed that H.D. Bracey was a private Company F, 14th Virginia Infantry, from 1 May 1862 to 31 October 1862, the last roll on which his name appeared.
He graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Boydton, Virginia and also graduated from medical school as a dentist. He also served in the Confederate Army and was captured and imprisoned.
Generation No. 3
5. SAMUEL HARRISON3 BRACEY (HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1820, and died 1895 in Graves County KY.  He married (1) MARY LANGFORD 1840.    He married (2) MARY ELIZABETH MARLOW 1846 in Robertson Co TN.
He married twice. He married Mary Langford 1840.(19) He married Mary Elizabeth Marlow 21 August 1846 Robertson County, Tennessee.(20) The marriage was solemnized by Sol. H. Ryan, JP.
Mary was born circa 1829.
Samuel was listed as the head of a family on the 1840 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(21) He was in the age group of 20-30 and living in the household was a female in the 15-20 age group.
In the Census of 1850, Samuel was listed as a head of household Robertson County, Tennessee.(22) He was 30 years old, and a stone mason. His wife, Mary E., was aged 21, and in the family were Susan T., aged 4, and John R., aged 1, all born in Tennessee.
Samuel was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census in Cheatham County, Tennessee.(23) Enumerated in the 4th Civil District, the household consisted of S.H., aged41, E., aged 31, S., aged 13, Jno., aged 11, Thos., aged 8, A.E., aged 4, and R., aged 2, all born in Tennessee.
Samuel was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(24) The household consisted of S.H., aged 50, Elizabeth, aged 42, Anna E., aged 13, Rolla, aged 12, Charley, aged 6 and and daughter, E[???]d, aged 2. Samuel eventually left Tennessee, went into Kentucky, then into southern Illinois, and then back to Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky, where he died in the 1890’s.
i.    WILLIAM THOMAS4 BRACEY, b. 1842, Robertson Co TN.
Children of SAMUEL BRACEY and MARY MARLOW are:
ii.    SUSAN T4 BRACEY, b. 1846.
iii.    JOHN R BRACEY, b. 1849; d. 1880.
iv.    THOMAS BRACEY, b. 1852.
v.    ANNA E BRACEY, b. 1856.
vi.    ROLLA BRACEY, b. 1858.
vii.    CHARLEY BRACEY, b. 1864.
viii.    E BRACEY, b. 1868.
6. BENJAMIN PASCHALL3 BRACEY (HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1823.  He married (1) NANCY A ALSBROOK 1846 in Robertson Co TN, daughter of HENRY ALSBROOK and MARTHA.    He married (2) HENRIETTA COCHRAN Bef. 1870, daughter of HENRY COCHRAN and ELEANOR.  She was born 1839.
He married twice. He married Mary Langford 1840.(19) He married Mary Elizabeth Marlow 21 August 1846 Robertson County, Tennessee.(20) The marriage was solemnized by Sol. H. Ryan, JP.
He married twice. He married Nancy A. Alsbrook 19 July 1846 Robertson County, Tennessee.(25) The license was dated 18 July and was solemnized on 19 July by A. Justice, JP. Nancy is the daughter of Henry Alsbrook and Martha.
He married Henrietta Cochran before 1870. Henrietta was born circa 1839. Henrietta was the daughter of Henry Cochran and Eleanor.
In the Census of 1850, Benjamin was listed as a head of household Robertson County, Tennessee.(26) He was aged 27, farmer; wife Nancy A. was aged 23; William A. was aged 2; and in the household was Thomas Alsbrook, aged 36, laborer. All were born in Tennessee, except Thomas who was born in North Carolina.
Benjamin was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(27) His age was given as 37, and in his household were: Nancy, aged 30, Wm, aged 12, Rchd, aged 10, Marthe, aged 8, H.H., aged 5, J.B., aged 2, and Jno Cohor, aged 20, all born in Tennessee.
Benjamin was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(28) At age 45, he had in his household: Henretta ,aged 31, Richard, aged 19, Marthy E., aged 17, Henry, aged 16, John B., aged 12, Green, aged 10, Benjamin, aged 8, Mary, aged 4, Edward C., aged 3, and George W., aged 1.
i.    WILLIAM4 BRACEY, b. 1848.
ii.    RICHARD BRACEY, b. 1850.
iii.    MARTHYE BRACEY, b. 1852.
iv.    HENRY HARRISON BRACEY, b. 1855.
v.    JOHN B BRACEY, b. 1858.
vii.    BENJAMIN PASCHALL JR4 BRACEY, b. 1862; d. 1948, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States of America.
viii.    NARY BRACEY, b. 1866.
ix.    EDWARD BRACEY, b. 1867.
x.    GEORGE W BRACEY, b. 1870; d. 1952.
xii.    SALLIE BRACEY, b. 1875; m. JESSIE MAYO.
xiii.    OLA BRACEY, b. 1879; m. CHARLIE BINKLEY.
7. JOHN G3 BRACEY (HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1825, and died 1895 in Williamson County IL.  He married CAROLINA FELTS 1848.  She was born 1826.
Notes for JOHN G BRACEY:
In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household Robertson County, Tennessee.(29) He was 25 years old, a farmer, and living with him were Caroline, aged 24, William, aged one month, all born in Tennessee, Penelope Felts, aged 65, Franklin Felts, aged 20, farmer, and Jenkin Felts, aged 12.
John was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(30) In the household were: J.G. Bracey, aged 36, E.C., aged 35, W.H., aged 10, J.B., aged 7, and B.D., aged 3.
i.    WILLIAM H4 BRACEY, b. 1849.
ii.    J B BRACEY, b. 1853.
iii.    B D BRACEY, b. 1857.
8. WILLIAM3 BRACEY (HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1834.  He married NANCY.  She was born 1835.
William was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(31) W.L. Bracey, aged 28, was listed with Nancy, aged 25, F., aged 2, Gusta, aged 1 month, and Ellen Felts, aged 18.
i.    F4 BRACEY, b. 1853.
9. WILLIAM FREDERICK3 BRACEY (THOMAS HARRISON2, SAMUEL1) was born 1829, and died 1893 in Camden Ouachita Co AR.  He married ANN HAWES 1859.  She was born 1838 in Memphis TN, and died 1904 in Camden Ouachita Co AR.
He married Ann Hawes Brown 27 July 1859. Ann was born 9 August 1838 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. (Additional notes for Ann Hawes Brown(33)) Ann died 1904 in Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas.(34) He was a druggist in Camden, Arkansas. See the biographical sketch of his son, Samuel Virginius Bracey.
Children of WILLIAM BRACEY and ANN HAWES are:
i.    ADELE HAWES4 BRACEY, b. 1860.
ii.    INDIA DU BRACEY, b. 1862.
iii.    MARY GREGG BRACEY, b. 1866.
iv.    CLARA COLEMAN BRACEY, b. 1868.
vi.    SAMUEL VIRGINIUS BRACEY, b. 1872, Camden Ouachita Co AR; d. 1946.


He married Katherine McRae 12 February 1896 in Mt. Holly, Union County, Arkansas.(94) Katherine was born 24 May 1873 in Mt. Holly, Union County, Arkansas.(95) Katherine died 6 May 1939 in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.(96) The following biographical account of Samuel was recorded in the Annals of Arkansas. “Samuel Virginius Bracy has been retired several years from his business and professional activities, but he still enjoys the renown and prestige won throughout the State of Arkansas during the active years of his life. ” Much of the esteem in which his fellow citizens hold him derives from the long and successful battle he fought to raise the standards of the pharmaceutical business and profession. He engaged in this battle both as a member of that business and profession and as a public official–having been president of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy for ten years. “He is also remembered for the distinguished service he gave while on the Compensation Commission and there are some, of ripe old years, who even remember him as the young man who was City Clerk of Hope, Arkansas, which first knew him as an ambitious, vigorous and brilliant college student and then as a druggist in his first job. “For years he was an active partner of Snodgrassf and Bracy, the drug store which was first at 120 Main Street, in Little Rock, and then–as now–at 110 Main Street–and which in its first thirty years was open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. “Through the years that he was giving long hours to the building up of the drug store he founded, to public service and politics, to civic activity, his church and the Rotary Club, of which he is a charter member in Little Rock, he also operated a farm. This is eleven miles out of Little Rock–and there he spends his retirement, occasionally venturing away from it only for his other hobbies, hunting and fishing. “Samuel Virginius Bracy was born in Camden, Arkansas, on February 11, 1872. His father was William Frederick Bracy, who was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in 1829. The elder Bracy attended rural schools in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, ands then became a clerk in a drug store at Washington, Arkansas, to which he migrated when he was twenty years old. The drug store was owned by Dr. Penn Jett, of Washington, Arkansas, who, recognizing the acumen of his young employee, assisted him financially to obtain a start in a drug store business of his own, which was opened in Camden, Arkansas, and which William Bracy operated until 1879, when he sold out and retired to his farm. He died in 1893. The mother of Samuel Virginius Bracy was Ann Hawes (Coleman) Bracy, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1839, and who was educated at Princeton, Arkansas, and Memphis. She and William Frederick Bracy were married in 1858. Born to them, in this sequence, were Adele Bracy, India Bracy, Mary Bracy, Clara Bracy, William Bracy, Samuel Virginius Bracy, Anibel Bracy, Eugene Bracy, and Junius Bracy. Adele became the wife of M.C. Cross; India, of S.A. Buchanan; Mary, of C.R. Benson; Clara, of Lee Cross; Anibel, of Harvey Hudson. William married Frankie Newton; Eugene, Bertha Buford. The mother of these nine Bracys died in Camden, Arkansas, in 1904. “Samuel Virginius Bracy was first educated in the grammar and high schools of Camden, Arkansas, and then at Ouachita College, Arkadelphia. For his professional training he went to the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri, his father, who encouraged him in his choice of profession, having long known the disadvantages of a lack of pharmaceutical education for one in the drug store business. Young Samuel Bracy was graduated from the college of pharmacy when he was twenty-two. He had worked in a drug store since he was fourteen years of age. He then returned to his first job at Hope, Arkansas, where he remained fourteen years. It was in the early part of this period that he served as Hope’s City Clerk, for he had soon shown civic interest and exhibited civic leadership. In 1908, he moved to Little Rock, where he formed a partnership with Latta Snodgrass, another pharmacist, and they opened the Snodgrass and Bracy Pharmacy in 1898–the store which, in one location or another, was never closed through three solid decades. “Long a member of the Democratic Party, Mr. Bracy became active in its Little Rock organization soon after establishing himself in the capital city. At the same time, he became active in Little Rock’s civic affairs and in affairs concerning Pulaski County and the entire State of Arkansas. His ten years on the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy as well as his presidency of this important body were natural consequences of his leadership in his field of professional interest and his civic and political activity. The same may be said of the four years he served on the State Compensation Commission. On the list of Rotarians when that organization was chartered in Little Rock, he has been a member for more than thirty years. He is also a member of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and an elder in the First Presbyterian Church in Little Rock, and a member of City Planning Commission for several years. “Mr. Bracy and Katherine McRae were married in Mt. Holly on February 12, 1896–one day after his twenty-fourth birthday. Mrs. Bracy was born in Mount Holly, Union County, Arkansas, on May 24, 1873, and died May 6, 1939, in Little Rock. Born to the marriage was Alfred McRae Bracy. He married Dorothy Huffmaster of El Dorado, Arkansas. They have two children, Alfred McRae Bracy, Jr., and Nancy Bracy now attending the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mary Eleanor Bracy, Samuel Virginius Bracy, Jr., and Clara Bracy who died in infancy were also born to this union. Mary Eleanor married Van E. Manning; her son is Van E. Manning, Jr. Samuel V. Bracy, Jr., who assists in the management of the Snodgrass & Bracy Drug Store, is the father of Samuel V. Bracy, III, Fletcher and Calvin Bracy, all of them students. “Well into the seventh decade of his life, Samuel Virginius Bracy finds on his farm all the compensations for his retirement as well as the rest which he feels he has earned in a long and strenuous life. Enjoying his memories, he also rejoices in the knowledge he served his fellow citizens well and that they, appreciating the extent and value of his service, will pass on to future generations the esteem for him which they have felt for nearly three score years.”
vii.    ANIBEL BROWN BRACEY, b. 1874.
viii.    EUGENE DANIEL BRACEY, b. 1876.
ix.    JULIUS THOMAS BRACEY, b. 1877.
10. THOMAS HARRISON JR3 BRACEY (THOMAS HARRISON2, SAMUEL1) was born 1847.  He married (1) ROSE LEE GEE.    He married (2) CAROLINE PENNINGTON 1870, daughter of W T PENNINGTON.  She died 1873.
He married twice. He married Caroline F. Pennington 3 February 1870. Caroline was the daughter of W.T. Pennington. Caroline died 4 December 1873. He married Rose Lee Gee. He was administrator for the estate of his brother, John R. Bracey, on 17 October 1864, and also for that of his brother, Winfield J. Bracey, on 19 July 1897.
Children of THOMAS BRACEY and ROSE GEE are:
iii.    WILLIAM THOMAS4 BRACEY, b. 1871.
11. ALTAMONT MONT HART3 BRACEY (PASHAL PETER H2, SAMUEL1) was born 1841, and died 1917 in Mecklinburg Co VA.  He married (1) MARTHA PATTIE JONES 1863.  She was born 1841, and died 1897.  He married (2) PATTIE P LAMBERT 1899.  She was born 1871, and died 1950 in Mecklinburg Co VA.

He married twice. He married Martha A. Jones 2 December 1863. Pattie was born 16 December 1841. Pattie was the daughter of Joseph H. Jones and Louisa Taylor. Pattie died 5 June 1897. He married Pattie P. Lambert 11 October 1899 in Washington, District of Columbia.(38) They were married by the Rev. S. Domer, pastor of St. Paul English Lutheran Church, 738 11th NW, Washington, DC.
Pattie was born 10 October 1871.(39) Pattie was the daughter of George Lambert and Parthenia Jones. Pattie died 9 July 1950.(40) Her body was interred Bracey-MacAlphine Cemetery in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.(41) Mont served in the Confederate Army in the cavalry. He was in the battle of Williamsburg and in the Gettysbury campaign. Whenever possible, he obtained furloughs to come home, by promising to bring back a fresh horse to his commanding officer. This happened so often that he rode his horse by way of the creek branches as he neared home, so the neighbors wouldn’t notice his frequent furloughs.
During the war as Confederate money became highly inflated, Mont spent several hundred dollars (all he had), just before the surrender, for a meal, since he saw it soon would be worth nothing.
At the division of Peter Bracey’s property after he died in
1863, Mont received the King house and 40 acres. At the close of the war, when everyone was selling out to move south and west, he asked Col. Baskerville for his advice. The Colonel advised him to stay put because the land would become more valuable with time. Mont moved to the King house, farmed, prospered, and began to buy and sell land.
About 1880 he bought the St. Tammany ferry which crossed the Roanoke River. He also owned a blacksmith shop, a store, a mill, a distillery with his brother, Pack, operated, and an interest in a cotton gin.

i.    LELIA ALTAMONT4 BRACEY, b. 1864.
ii.    ALVIS ORVILLE BRACEY, b. 1867.
iii.    WILLIAM PASCHAL BRACEY, b. 1869; d. 1948; m. MARY ELIZABETH BRACEY; b. 1871; d. 1951.
iv.    WALLER TAYLOR BRACEY, b. 1873.
v.    ANNIE RIDDICK BRACEY, b. 1876.
vi.    MAUDE LOUISA BRACEY, b. 1880.
viii.    CARSTAIRS BRACEY, b. 1909; d. 1910.
12. VIOLA A.3 BRACEY (PASHAL PETER H2, SAMUEL1) was born 1845.  She married JOHN WRIGHT KING 1862.
i.    VIOLA4 KING, b. 1865.
13. WILLIAM HICKS3 BRACEY (PASHAL PETER H2, SAMUEL1) was born 1829, and died 1913.  He married BETTIE A. SIMMONS 1857.  She died 1913.
William received a pension from 2 August 1909.(82) Resident of Alachua County, Florida, when he applied for the pension, he stated that he had enlisted at in the Spring of 1861 in Company F, 14th Regiment Virginia Infantry. He was not paroled, since he was at home sick when General Lee surrendered. He left the command in 1862 due to disability. He had resided in Florida since October 1865. He owned a lot in Gainesville, Florida, valued at $2500. He reported that he had received a previous pension of $120 from the State of Florida. He suffered from rheumatism and was blind in one eye. He gave his occupation as gunsmith and jeweler. His application was initially approved on 29 February 1908, with the subsequent application approved on 30 August 1909. He and his wife lived in the King house that his father had bought at auction, and that was later owned by Altamont Hart Bracey Sr. After the Civil War, they moved to Florida and lived in Gainesville.
William attended Randolph-Macon College in Boydton, Virginia, and graduated from Jefferson Medical School in Baltimore as a doctor or dentist.
He served in the Confederate Army and was captured and imprisoned at Elmira, New York.
i.    LOLA4 BRACEY, b. 1858.
ii.    ALVA BRACEY, b. 1870.
Generation No. 4
14. WILLIAM THOMAS4 BRACEY (SAMUEL HARRISON3, HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1842 in Robertson Co TN.  He married MAHALA ANN JUSTICE, daughter of GEORGE JUSTICE and REBECCA WHITE.  She was born 1845 in North Carolina.
He married Mahala Justice. Mahala was born 26 January 1845. Mahala was the daughter of George Washington Stewart Justice and Rebecca Jane White.
William was listed as a household member living with Rolly Langford in the 1860 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(90) The entry gives his initials as W.P., aged 18, born Tennessee. He was living in the household of Rolly Langford, aged 59, and wife Mary Langford, aged 58, both born in North Carolina. Also in the household was J.W. Wilson, aged 19, born North Carolina. According to Russell E. Bracey, a grandson of William Thomas, the latter went to live with his grandparents, Rolly and Mary (Polly) Langford after his mother died, since he did not get along with his father, Samuel H.
William was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census Robertson County, Tennessee.(91) In the household were: W.T. Bracey, aged 28, born Tennessee, M.A. Bracey, aged 21, born North Carolina, Mary, aged 6, W.W., aged 4, Emma, aged 2, Elizabeth, aged 6 months, all born Tennessee, G.A. Wilson, aged 31, born North Carolina, W.D. Alley, aged 12, born Tennessee, and Mary Langford, aged 69, born North Carolina.
i.    MARY REBECCA5 BRACEY, b. 28 Apr 1863, Tennessee; d. 20 Aug 1935, Cheatham Co.TN;
m. JOHN LEANDER HUDGENS, 05 Jan 1888, Cheatham Co.TN; b. 04 Nov 1861, Tennessee; d. 22 Apr 1939, Cheatham Co.TN..
Burial: Pleasant View Methodist Ch Cem Cheatham Co TN
Record Change: 19 Mar 2001
Burial: Pleasant View Methodist Ch Cem Cheatham Co TN
Record Change: 19 Mar 2001
iii.    WILLIAM WASH BRACEY, b. 1865; d. 1953, Cheatham Co TN; m. (1) NOLA JUINETT; m. (2) SALLIE MORRIS; b. 1872; d. 1962, Cheatham Co TN.
He married twice. He married Nola Juinett. Nola died 14 January 1892. He married Sallie Morris. Sallie was born 10 July 1872. Sallie died 25 September 1962. Her body was interred Pleasant View Methodist Ch. Cem. in Cheatham County, Tennessee.(118) He lived in Cheatham County, Tennessee, where he was at one time a sheriff.
iv.    BETTIE JANE BRACEY, b. 1869; m. WALTER BOYD HUNTER; b. 1866.
vi.    JESSE ROLEY BRACEY, b. 1875; d. 1929, Cheatham Co TN; m. MARY ELIZABETH MORRIS; b. 1875; d. 1961, Cheatham Co TN.
vii.    ANNA BELL BRACEY, b. 1876; d. 1932; m. WALTER MORRIS.
viii.    JAMES HENRY BRACEY, b. 1878; d. 1971; m. MARY SHANNON.
ix.    CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM BRACEY, b. 1880; d. 1964; m. IONA CARRIGAN, 1900; b. 1884; d. 1966.
xi.    JOHN THOMAS BRACEY, b. 1884; d. 1932, Cheatham Co TN; m. MINNIE MAI HARRIS; b. 1880; d. 1975, Cheatham Co TN.
xii.    SIDNEY FRANKLIN BRACEY, b. 1888; d. 1962, Robertson Co TN; m. ANNIE LEE ELLIS; b. 1894, Cheatham Co TN; d. 1982.
15. JOHN R4 BRACEY (SAMUEL HARRISON3, HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1849, and died 1880.  He married EVALINE.  She was born 1848, and died 1922.
Children of JOHN BRACEY and EVALINE are:
v.    PHINEAS BRACEY, b. 1881.
16. BENJAMIN PASCHALL JR4 BRACEY (BENJAMIN PASCHALL3, HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1862, and died 1948 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States of America.  He married JULIA ANN BINKLEY 1896.  She was born 1875, and died 1932 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States of America.
ii.    H B BRACEY.
iii.    ODIE BRACEY.
17. GEORGE W4 BRACEY (BENJAMIN PASCHALL3, HARRISON HYRAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1870, and died 1952.  He married MARY MAGDELINE BINKLEY, daughter of MONTGOMERY BINKLEY and FRANCES.  She was born 1870, and died 1946.

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