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The Science of Practical Reasoning 


Science : Knowledge that is comprised of verifiable and measurable facts that have been acquired by the application of a scientific method.

Practical Reasoning : Coming at a conclusion, or taking action after careful pondering.

Scientific knowledge is evidence-based and replicable. It is acquired by observing the natural world, conducting experiments, and making observations and measurements.


This knowledge is then used to form hypotheses, which are then tested and refined. The results of these tests are then used to draw conclusions and develop theories. Scientific knowledge is based on facts, not opinions or beliefs.

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Common stock.png

A security

that gives


partial ownership,


claim on a firm’s assets.

It is not paid back and lost

if the company should fail.

It allows the owner to

elect the people in power

in the company.


A negotiable

or non-negotiable

investment or financing


that can be

sold and bought

on the financial market.

Bonds, stocks, debentures

notes and options are included.

Public Company.png

Any securities and shares

that are

bought and sold on

an organized exchange.

They are bought off a


that is called a prospectus.

Board of Directors.jpg

The governing body of a corporation,

generally selected from

among the stockholders

and  constituting in effect a committee

of their number or board of trustees

for their interests.

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