Natural Resource

Asset or material

contributing to the nation’s

natural capital.

To extract, process, or refine

natural resources requires

capital and human resources,

as mental and physical labor.

By these means,

the nation obtains its true economic value.


The art of impressing letters;

 the art of making books or papers

by impressing legible characters


The most important city or town

of a country or region, usually its seat of

government and administrative center


wealth in the form of money


other assets owned by a person or organization


available or contributed

to start a company or invest.

Medium of Exchange

As a measure and standard of value

in commercial transactions


buyers and sellers,

these specific types of

commodity, currency,


a financial instrument

are used.

Its ability to be used as a medium of exchange is a distinguishing characteristic of money .


A written document;

a formal or legal document

in writing, such as a

contract, deed, will, bond, or lease.

Digital Medium

A physical

way of storing

media or archiving it.

It can hold data, graphics, audio, and video.


In International law;

A document


description of the cargo 

In American law;

An instrument


the protection of US vessels 

In European law;

A warrant of protection

authority to travel,

granted to persons

In modern Technology:

A portable external hard drive(s)

produced by Western Digital...