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Virtual Guided Tour

Museum | Exhibition includes...


[Ex1] The Federal Reserve: 45 mins

  • Voting Rights - Owners | People | Power

  • Resources - Everything attached to land

[Ex2] Infrastructure: 45 mins

  • Shipping & Ports - Commodities

  • Submarine Cables - Communications


[Ex3] Media: 45 mins

  • News | Entertainment | Education   

  • Broadcast - Distribution of audio & video

[Ex4] Community: 45 mins​

  • Officials - Representative of an Org.

  • Society - United for a common purpose

Morgan Stanley Time Square.png

[Ex5] Pure Capitalism:​ 45 mins

  • Interesting Groups - influencing policy

  • Collectively Bargaining - bills; proposals


[Ex6] The Exchange: 45 mins

  • Trade - the act of exchanging [instruments]

  • Operational Disciplines - repeated steps

Objective >>

It has been found that museum visits have a larger impact on a range of outcomes, including historical empathy, tolerance and interest in art (skill as a result of learning or practice). Findings suggest that even a single museum visit can affect how one processes information and critical thinking skills which may be correlated with achievement in both the long and short term. 

Visitors of the Virtual Museum & Exhibit (Guided Tour) leave with a better understanding of the historic organization methods used by others to address issues similar to their own. 

The ultimate goal is a sustainable growth model, identifying individuals, entities and outlets providing useful info as it relates to the discovery of new and existing knowledge resulting in a short (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and long (20, 40, 60 year) term advantage.

"...examine the historic methods used all over the world by

others who have (or had) problems similar to yours." - x

See: Terms & Conditions 

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