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An association or company of persons united together for any common purpose.

Q. What does one gain from a society?

A. Knowledge and Trade

Knowledge - Gained awareness of organized facts 
(Facts - "action, a thing performed, anything done, a deed," good or evil) 

Trade - The act of exchanging commodities 
(Commodities - Goods, wares, and merchandise of any kind; articles of trade or commerce)

1. You can expand your archive of "organized facts" and share from Generation to Generation

2. A Society's knowledge is greater than that acquired of any individual.
Translation: Your understanding is greatly increased when the connections between [generations] organized facts are made clear.

3. The division of labor.
(You) can focus on a particular field 
Trading with those who specialize in other fields

(You) achieve greater awareness of proven actions (knowledge) 

Reducing the time and money spent performing actions proven to fail.

The following defines a human of value to the society. 

Rational - 1. Behavior guided by reasoning and not by emotions
                   2. A Thinking process that uses logical, systematic methods in drawing a conclusion.
                   3. A person who can draw logical conclusions.

Productive - serving to produce, producing abundantly


Those of no value to the association; 

1. Parasites - An organism which obtains its nutrition by attaching itself to another living organism; usually causing harm

2. Moochers -  beggar, scrounger

3. Looters -   one who plunders

4. Plunder -   take goods or valuables forcibly from, take by pillage or open force

No society is of value to (You) a humans life if the cost is the lost of the right to life.


No society may initiate the use of physical force against others.


No society or governing body has the right to assume the role of a criminal.

It's human nature to use physical force in retaliation against those who initiate physical force.

This is the ethical principle which separates murder from self-defense.


Taking the life of one to gain value or wealth is not condoned nor the objective. 

No rights are possible without property rights;

1. Protection from physical violence;

2. Protection of YOUR right to YOUR life;

3. Liberty - Freedom; exemption from extraneous control.

(Extraneous-not belonging; not intrinsic or essential, though attached; foreign.)

The Game

Capital - most important city of a country or region;

seat of government and administrative center

wealth in the form of money

assets owned by a person or organization

Capitalist - a person whose income is derived from an investment.

Pure Capitalism - An economic system that shows little interference from a government body. [see; Pure Capitalism page]

The system is run by big business and revolves around money and capital assets.

Capital Assets -  all property and money and the surplus and undistributed profits.

Property - ownership is the right  of one or more persons to possess and use something to the exclusion of others. 

The Hand You're Dealt

The cards YOU are dealt are the documents passed (handed) down from one generation (Elders)  to the next generation (Youth), in the "Game of Pure Capitalism".  These cards take the shape and form of documents. 


Who are the [card] document producers?

(Producer -person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale)

What is the value of one [card] document vs. another?

(Value [Real] - the worth of a thing in an open and competitive market;

the fair and reasonable value of a thing.)

When should a [card] document be obtained and [played] presented?

(Presentation - to present, show, exhibit," literally "to place before")

Where is one directed to obtain a particular [card] document?

(Director - person who is in charge of an activity, department, or organization)

Why are [cards] documents necessary for access?

(Access -  when an individual is permitted into some security point or restricted records)

How to obtain the best [cards] documents for "your" circumstances?

(Circumstances - principal event as the object of research; the related

facts or occurrences which happened closely before or after the event)

Real Value

1. Everything YOU "really value" has a document containing key "Data" points. 

   Translation: the date and time when something occured; facts from which to draw a conclusion

2. The difference between any city and a "capital" is based solely on the documents in that jurisdiction or area.

    Translation: The most powerful cities obtain, understand and maintain the "Really Valued" documents.

3. Individual documents are the equivalent of single notes [dollars]; collectively they hold a greater value.

    Footnote: "Real Value" documents are directly related to "You" (single); value increases amongst a society.


This accommodation generates a meaningful economy of responsible users of necessaries, while developing a better understanding of trade and tolerance for internal and external societies.

Accommodation - Putting another person's concerns ahead of your own in order to solve a problem.

This is a good low stakes move to encourage long term business.

Necessaries - Things useful for the sustenance of human life.

Trade - The act or business of exchanging merchandise of any kind

You play the player more than the Cards [Documents]

Translation: Engage the people more than the Object.

There is no Intrinsic Value in documents .

(the term used to describe papers, instruments, written statements and anything that has been written down.)

 Documents are a representation of the following:

Knowledge of the Land


Organized facts about







Knowledge of the People


Organized facts about






Knowledge of the Language


Organized facts about




Knowledge of Demand Shared


Organized facts about


movement of People

and use of Land.




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