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SC Public Officials 
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Federal Officials
State Officials
Local Officials

(United States)

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US Senate | Powers & Procedures

"conduct impeachment trials, essentially serving as jury and and approve or reject presidential appointees"

US Senate

Lindsey Graham (R)

South Carolina Class II

US Senate

Tim Scott (R)

South Carolina Class III

We The People.jpg
The House Explained

As per the Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives makes and passes federal laws.

!!How our Laws are Made!!

James E Clyburn.jpg
US House of Representatives

James E. Clyburn (D)

Majority Whip

Columbia | SC District 6

Nancy Mace.jpg
US House of Representatives

Nancy Mace (R)

Charleston | SC District 1

Jeff Duncan.jpg
US House of Representatives

Jeff Duncan (R)

Anderson | SC District 3

Ralph Norman.jpg
US House of Representatives

Ralph Norman (R)

Rock Hill | SC District 5

Tom Rice.jpg
US House of Representatives

Tom Rice (R)

Myrtle Beach | SC District 7

William R Timmons.jpg
US House of Representatives

William R. Timmons IV (R)

Greenville  | SC District 4

Joe Wilson.jpg
US House of Representatives

Joe Wilson (R)

Lexington | SC District 2

SC Governor (State Official)

Henry McMaster (R)

(South Carolina)

(SC) Rules of the Senate

the Senate meets each 

legislative day at

2 pm Tues.

12 pm Wed.

11 am Thur. f/ statewide matters

11 am Friday f/ local matters

Harvey S Peeler Jr.jpg
SC Senate

Harvey S. Peeler, Jr (R)

President of the Senate

A Shane Massey.jpg
SC Senate

A. Shane Massey (R)

Majority Leader 

Nikki G Setzler.jpg
SC Senate

Nikki G. Setzler (D)

Minority Leader

(SC) Rules of the House of Representatives

"Any member may introduce bills or resolutions..."

Jay Lucas Speaker_edited.jpg
SC House of Representatives

James H. "Jay" Lucas (R)


Gary Simrill_edited.jpg
SC House of Representatives

Gary Simrill (R)

Majority Leader

SC House of Representatives

J. Todd Rutherford (D)

Minority Leader 

(SC populous cities)

Daniel Rickenmann_edited.jpg

Daniel Rickenmann  (R)

Columbia, SC

William Cogswell Jr.jpg

William Cogswell Jr. (R)

Charleston, SC

Mayor Knox White_edited.jpg

Knox White (R)

Greenville, SC

Mayor Myt BeachBrenda Bethune Revize_edi

Brenda Bethune (NP)

Myrtle Beach, SC

Will Haynie.png

Will Haynie (R)

Mount Pleasant, SC

John Macdougall_edited.jpg

Steve MacDougall (R)

Lexington, SC

John McCann.jpg

John J. McCann (R)

Hilton Head, SC

John Gettys.jpg

John Gettys (D)

Rock Hill, SC

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