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Sic Semper Tyrannis
Thus always to tyrants
tyrannical leaders will inevitably be overthrown

The Fall Line Road connected the central parts of the Carolinas with Virginia and Georgia...

By 1735 the Fall Line Road (or Southern Road) was the road utilized to connect most of those growing mill towns along the fall line, a geographic drop-off separating the coastal from the piedmont regions. The rivers above each waterfall or rapid were relatively easy to ford because they were not subject to ocean tides, or marshes. Connecting the river fords and nearby mill towns with overland roads helped migration and trade.

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The Fall Line Road (aka. Southern Road) forked off of the King's Highway at Fredericksburg, Virginia and continued south running parallel between the King's Highway and the Upper Road.  Towns grew at the fall line because cargo on boats had to be portaged around the waterfalls which also served as an important early source of water power. Mills built to harness this resource encouraged the growth of towns. The larger rivers were navigable from the ocean up to the fall line, providing a trade route for those mill towns.  The Fall Line Road was historically significant because it was the first into the interior connecting towns away from the coast of Virginia and the Carolinas.

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