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"skill as a result of learning or practice,"

from Latin artem

 "work of art; practical skill; a business, craft,"


an object made by a human being,

typically an item of cultural or historical interest



"degree to which something is useful or estimable,"

from Old French value

"worth, price, moral worth; standing, reputation"


an estimation of something's worth

Relative Valuation

the use of similar, comparable assets in valuing another asset.

Below is an example of the

time [3 months] and value [$38k]

one corporate organization and

government has placed upon

international facts, theories & concepts.

12 months [or] 120 days [or] 476 hours

476 hours / 8 = 60 bus. days

60 bus. days [or] 3 Months

of study & research

Intl Studies Breakdown_edited.jpg

The above reflects the time and cost to

obtain an International Studies degree (BA).

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