The Purpose; a Sustainable Growth Model (Plan of development aiming to achieve long term growth without permanent damage to the economy and environment.) identifying individuals, entities and outlets providing useful info as it relates to the discovery of new and existing knowledge resulting in a short (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and long (2o, 40, 60 year) term advantage.

This site and social media outlets under the "Bracey Research" label serve as a "Reference Document", outlining procedures in relation to a particular activity to avoid missing steps each time the activity is performed.

Education policy is in the midst of an era of data-driven decision-making, accountability, and high-stakes testing.  The group also found that museum visits had larger impacts on a range of outcomes, including historical empathy, tolerance, and interest in art museums, for students from rural and high-poverty schools, compared to other students (Kisida et al., 2014Kisida et al., 2016). However, the findings suggest that even a single museum trip can affect how students process information and think critically—skills that may be correlated with academic achievement, in both the short and long term.

Excerpt from: Museums as Classrooms: The Academic and Behavioral Impacts of "School in the Park"

Charles Dow (of Dow Jones founded 1882) realized his forte was in research and analyzing, but did not know any company that would pay a man well if at all, for such information. With a co-worker (Eddie Jones) Dow began The Wall Street Journal. It was his attempt to help people make since of the markets.


William O'Neil (Investor's Business Daily founder 1984) was frustrated that he couldn't obtain data about stock (which allows the owner to elect the people in power in the company.) in any other newspaper, (including The Wall Street Journal), that he wanted to use to make investment decisions.

"Researchers at Princeton and Northwestern University wanted to find out how much political power ordinary citizens have, they examined a twenty year period from 1982 - 2002. They first discovered if large corporations and wealthy individuals (regardless of political party) want a law passed there is nearly a 60% chance it will be passed and if they don't want a certain law it doesn't pass." 


Then they looked at everyday voters issues (that almost no one supports) have a 30% chance of becoming law. Issues that almost everyone supports also have a 30% chance of becoming law. They concluded in their on words, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule near zero statistically non significant impact upon public policy."

Excerpt from: Saving Capitalism 2017

(Former Secretary of Labor - Robert Reich) 

(Based on a study of 1,779 policy issues,   

Princeton researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I.)



Explanation of Expenses

Below you'll find a color coded explanation of expenses.

Incurred by Bracey Research annually.

(Note: Taxes are encountered in every business activity)


How digital medium functions as a passport.






Voting Rights


[1] Daily/Weekly

Attention to Detail

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When and Where data dictates circumstances.








[2] Monthly/Quarterly

Related Events & Occurrences

Why real time daily data matters.


Real Time






[3] Minutes/Hours

Data Transmission

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Virtual Equity Research Museum:

This exhibition addresses

(who, what, when, where, why)

how to organize


digital medium 

(smartphone, handheld, computer, laptop) 


(documents, digital data and emails)

for the purpose of  

accommodationsnecessaries and trade.

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What documents matter...


90  %  of a business documentation is still paper-based 

80  %  of employees raised the need for mobile access 

75  %  of the world predicted to be on the internet in 2022

60  %  of an employee's time spent working with docs

50  %  of workers find it challenging to find docs

40  %  of docs are not named / labeled correctly

30  %  of errors reduced by using Doc. Mgmt. solutions

20  $  the average labor cost to file one document


Bar Chart

Example (Stock): Amazon

(if 7 shares were bought in 2011)


7 AMZN shares bought

@ $170 each  = $1190

(if sold after 5 years)


7 AMZN shares sold

@ $584 each    = $4088

$4088 - $1190 = $2898

(if sold after 10 years)


7 AMZN shares sold

@ $3091 each   = $21,637

$21,637 -  $1190 = $20,447 

Below the first 3 archived images

reflect the (share) price over a

10 year period.

Exhibit G1

Bar Chart

Example (Options): Amazon

Date 2021 | AMZN | Bought | Sold | Total

03/24         1Put @ $1175 @$1749  = $574  
03/25         1Put @ $1490 @$2589 = $1099
03/26         3Call @ $2117
 @$2848  = $731

03/31         1Call @ $2565 @$3204$639

04/01         1Call @$3382 @$4537  = $1155


The 5 archived images below reflect

the above actions (7 options) over a

1 week period.

Exhibit G2

The purpose of the above activity is to improve the functionality, performance, reliability and quality of existence for the subscriber seeking a niche solution, explanation or strategy as it relates to accommodation, necessaries, and trade

Administrative duties consist of although are not limited to subscriber account maintenance and management along with multiple software and hardware  systems maintenance (spreadsheets, email, portable document format, soft and hard document storage, etc.).

Executive duties consist of although are not limited to continuous research, experimentation 

with new technologies, networking,  negotiating, integration analysis,  and evaluation of services.


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are the equivalent of a collective

Digital Museum / Library (Archive).


The Analyst



NOT an activist,

NOT an advisor,

NOT a motivator,

NOT a promoter,

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NO course to purchase

Documents and Database management related info

(example Schwab, AWS, Azure, GCP etc.)

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