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The Virtual Museum of Organization(s)

This exhibition illustrates digital medium archives for the purpose of  accommodationsnecessaries and trade.

The Virtual Museum of Organization(s); is an interactive online experience that allows visitors to explore and learn about the history, culture, and impact of different organizations and their work. This type of museum includes visual elements, such as photographs, videos, and audio clips. Additionally, virtual (guided) tours  allow visitors to explore the space and present questions in real-time (to the curator of the exhibition) about the displays, organization’s mission, values, and objectives. This type of museum is a great way to engage visitors and help them gain a better understanding of the importance of organization(s).

The Purpose; a Sustainable Growth Model (Plan of development aiming to achieve long term growth without permanent damage to the economy and environment.) identifying individuals, entities and outlets providing useful info as it relates to the discovery of new and existing knowledge resulting in a short (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and long (2o, 40, 60 year) term advantage.

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A collective comprehension of the exhibits throughout the site may improve the functionality, performance, reliability and quality of existence for the museum goer seeking a niche solution, explanation or strategy as it relates to accommodation, necessaries, and trade

Administrative duties consist of although are not limited to maintenance and management of the site (Virtual Museum), gallery and archive  along with multiple software and hardware  systems maintenance (spreadsheets, email, pdf, soft and hard document storage, reel production etc.).

Executive duties consist of although are not limited to continuous research, training, experimentation with new technologies, networking,  negotiating, integration analysis, trade  and evaluation of services.


Virtual Museum

Bar Chart

 Investing  | Example

(Stock): Amazon

(if 7 shares were bought in 2011)


7 AMZN shares bought

@ $170 each  = $1190

(if sold after 5 years)


7 AMZN shares sold

@ $584 each    = $4088

$4088 - $1190 = $2898

(if sold after 10 years)


7 AMZN shares sold

@ $3091 each   = $21,637

$21,637 -  $1190 = $20,447 

The first 3 archived images below
reflect the (share) price over a
10 year period.

Exhibit G1

Bar Chart

 Trading  | Example

(Options): Amazon

Date 2021  | AMZN  | Bought  | Sold  |     Total
   03/24      1Put  @ $1175   @$1749         $574
   03/25      1Put  @ $1490  @$2589      = $1099
   03/26      3Call @ $2117  @$2848         = $731
   03/31      1Call  @ $2565 @$3204         = $639
   04/01      4Call  @$3382  @$4537       = $1155 
                                                        ($836) $4198


The 5 archived images below reflect
the above actions (10 options) over a
1 week period.

Exhibit G2


Bracey Research

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The Analyst

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NOT an activist,

NOT an advisor,

NOT a motivator,

NOT a promoter,

NOT a salesperson,

NO course to purchase

Artifacts, archives, exhibits, documents, portfolio, database (i.e. Schwab, AMZN, Federal Reserve, Yahoo Finance, IBD, etc.) and curriculum vitae materials are for demonstration purposes only.

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