Every day; 
A newspaper which Is published six days in each week is a “daily” newspaper.

"He recognized that keeping on top of breaking news -particularly political news - gave him a big advantage over less informed competitors.

The principal aim was, getting political news fast, to buy or sell securities before the news had influenced the markets as a whole.

He stressed the importance of family unity."

(written about Nathan Rothchild)

O'Neil was frustrated that he couldn't obtain data about stock in any other newspaper, including The Wall Street Journal, that he wanted to use to make investment decisions.

Its core readers are self-directed investors, especially those who favor growth stocks who take a hands-on approach to their investments rather than leave the decision-making to someone else. 

Investor's Business Daily, was published five days a week since its founding in 1984.

At one point, Investor’s Business Daily hoped to grow to a subscription base of 700,000 to 1 million. And in 2000, its circulation was above 300,000. But the paper had a circulation of 113,038 in the third quarter of 2015, down from 157,161 in 2013. It had 46,213 print subscribers and 62,372 digital subscribers.

The newspaper was started as Investor's Daily by investor and stockbroker William O'Neil, who has since endowed a professorship in business journalism at Southern Methodist University. It changed its name to Investor's Business Daily in 1991.


In 2008, the newspaper won its only Pulitzer Prize. - BY CHRIS ROUSH · MARCH 4, 2016

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