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Virtual Museum of Organization(s)

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Organization(s), a groundbreaking platform that preserves and showcases the rich history and evolution of organizations. Through interactive exhibits, virtual tours, and collaborations, this museum aims to inspire, educate, and connect individuals from around the world.  Explore the exhibits, delve into the past, and contribute to the future of organizational studies.

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The Art of Organization(s):

An Explanation of

Commentary to clear up a subject to make linkages clear in a concept. 


Structured in a specific way to achieve a series of shared goals...

Techniques &

Formula, routine or the systematic procedure to accomplish a task.

Real Time

Data Transmission;  corresponding to real life situations;[see Real Time page]

Action Plan

A set of steps to be performed for success. It has specific tasks, time horizon, and resource allocation. 

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