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1. That which is...established.
A system...


The want or absence of knowledge.

Color of Law.png

The appearance...without the substance, of legal right.

Under Color of Law.png actually conflicts with the law.

Law of Land.png

The collection of traditions, customs, statutes,... 
that apply to everyone, including the government...

Natural Law.png

A rule of conduct arising out of the natural relations
of human beings
, established by the Creator...

Organic Law.png

...constitution, of a state or nation, written or unwritten;

Common Law.png

...a body of rules and principles, written or unwritten
which must be
applied to controversies rigorously...
cannot be modified to suit the peculiarities of a specific case...

Corporation Law.png

...the laws that govern the formation and the activities of corporations....

By Laws.png

...the internal rules of a company or organization.

State Law.png

...society of men united together for the purpose
promoting their mutual safety and advantage,

International Law.png

...the rights of independent nations during war or peace times...

Maritime Law.png

...sea or seaport bound actions
conducted and
commerce transacted...

Commerce.png and traffic between different peoples or states and the citizens... including not only the purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities...


Goods, wares, and merchandise of any kind;
movables; articles of trade or commerce.


...exchanging commodities...
or the business of buying and selling for money;
The business which a person has learned...


...erudite (having or showing great knowledge);
versed in the law.


The difference between “knowledge” and “belief”
is nothing more than in the degree of certainty.


In contracts. The quality of being specific, accurate, and distinct.
A thing is certain when its
essence, quality, and quantity
are described, distinctly set forth, etc.

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