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Affiliate Marketing Statistics

$58K average annual earnings of an affiliate marketer [Source Glassdoor]

90 % of merchants plan to keep or increase their affiliate marketing budgets

80 % of brands have an affiliate program

75 % of online shoppers check affiliate websites prior to deciding on a purchase

73 % of merchants are happy with the affiliate marketing programs they invested in

70 % of social media offers a unique opportunity to promote services in niche-specific groups

65 % rely on good content to boost their campaigns

50 % of mobile devices are the source of affiliate marketing traffic

40 % of US is the global leader in the affiliate marketing industry by Country

40 % of marketers believe AM skills are a must-have for anyone hoping to build any sort of online career

25 % of affiliate programs are Fashion related 

18 % of affiliate programs are Sports & Outdoor related 

15%  of affiliate programs are Miscellaneous | Other

14 % of affiliate programs are Health & Beauty related 

10 % of affiliate programs are Travel related 

  9 % of affiliate programs are Home & Garden related

  7 % of affiliate programs are Computers & Electronics related 

$7B  Estimated worth of the US affiliate marketing industry; [Source Satista]

About Affiliate Marketing

Is affiliate marketing legal?

Yes, the affiliate must disclose their relationship with Bracey Research and inform their audience they're receiving a commission of support and sponsorships.

According to the FTC, an affiliate marketer must clearly and visibly disclose their relationship to the service provider, thus allowing the visitor / user to decide upon the credibility of your endorsement. 

A disclaimer such as “The service presented is brought to you by Bracey Research” 
giving your viewers the information necessary to make an informed decision if they desire to move forward with the offer.

How much money can I make as an affiliate?

$8.2 Billion; the projected amount spent [in the U.S] with affiliate marketers in 2022 up from $5.4 billion in 2017

There is no cap on an affiliate marketers earnings, time and effort are the greatest determining factors along with ones niche market.

In this program, Bracey Research pays the affiliate [You] a percentage [20-40%] of the total amount of the [Archive, Gallery or Exhibit] sponsorship as a result of the affiliate marketers strategies / results and efforts. In other words, affiliate marketers are compensated per sponsor using there provided code to sponsor the  [Archive], [Gallery] or [Exhibit].

See compensation diagram below: 

Duration >

Archive, Gallery & Exhibit  (see above Chart) :

Pays the affiliate marketer up to 40% (residual) or as long as the museum goer is using the "Archive", "Gallery" or "Exhibit" Sponsor [plans] with Bracey Research.

Remote Work | Passive Income >


Working from the comfort of your home or any location. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money while you're sleep or addressing other task.


No customer support >

As the affiliate marketer you're never responsible for customer satisfaction or support. The job of the affiliate marketer is simply to link the visitor / user with Bracey Research. Bracey Research handles any visitor / user complaints after you receive your commission from the purchase / sponsorship.

Cost-effective >

No startup fees. No products to develop or purchase. No unexpected fees. 

Convenient and flexible.

Maintain your current employment or work as an independent contractor >

This allows you the freedom to set your targets, make adjustments as you see fit. Choose the menu items that interest you and set your own hours. This allows you to provide portfolio of services or focus on just one. As an affiliate you're free from company restrictions and regulation.

Performance-based rewards >

The best part, affiliate marketing is based solely on your performance. You're compensated based on your effort. Development of frequent and interesting social media post will translate into increase revenue. Finally! Get paid for your content.

Tips to Help You Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer
Here are a few online marketing tips to get you started.

Develop a connection with your audience >

Establish yourself as an expert in one area instead of promoting multiple services. This increases the chances of being seen by those most interested in the service.

Make it personal >

Your understanding of the service increases your knowledge and ability to speak confidently about the service. 

Start reviewing the service(s). 
Explain to your viewers how the service has played a role in your day to day life and how the affiliate marketing, virtual tour and free trade zone can benefit them.

It is especially effective to compare this product to others in the same category. 

Example, affiliate marketing programs pay between 5-35% on average. Bracey Research pays up to 40% (first day).

Use several sources >

  • Vlogs

  • Email

  • Social Media

  • Review Sites

Make frequent use of the outlet your audience responds to the most.

Choose marketing strategies carefully >

Your time is valuable, spend it wisely. Regardless of your marketing ability, taking the time to understand the service provided is invaluable. 

Stay current with trends >

Sitting in on the virtual tours will increase your understanding of the archive, gallery and museum resulting in a better understanding of your digital medium, community, capital and resources in relation to your current real life situations.


Benefits To Joining the Bracey Research Affiliate Program

Industry-leading commissions >

In the Bracey Research affiliate program, you receive up to 40% per [Archive], [Gallery] or [Exhibit] sponsor (per confirmation) with no cap on commissions. 

Plus, the more visitors / users of the service as a result of your confirmed efforts, the higher your commission. Also, there are no obligations or minimum commitments to join the program.

Strategic growth >

Bracey Research provides unique strategies to help grow and increase your social media visibility and increase your commission. You’ll save time and money on content creation by linking to sites, virtual tours and more with quality content developed by Bracey Research for your audience.

Powerful tracking >

Our affiliate members board offers a comprehensive look at your commissions. You can view your earnings, performance and get paid at the same time every month.

A dedicated account manager.

You will have direct access to an affiliate manager who understands your business and your goals.


Promotion made easy >

In your members app, you will have easy access to our pre-made text links, banners and content. Promote Bracey Research anywhere on your site by simply inserting our affiliate links on your pages.

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