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The Importance of Keeping Good Records

Increase Productivity

Saving Time & Money

Maintain up to date versions

Increase communication and collaboration

Reduce risk in the event key individuals are absent



An instrument on which is recorded, by means of letters, figures, or marks, matter which may be evidentially used. In this sense, the term "document" applies to writings; to words printed, lithographed, or photographed; to seals, plates, or stones on which inscriptions are cut or engraved; to photographs and pictures; to maps and plans.

Public Documents

any document or record, evidencing or connected with the public business or the administration of public affairs, preserved in or issued by any department of the government.


A written document; a formal or legal document in writing, such as a contract, deed, will, bond, or lease.



 A written acknowledgment of the receipt of money, or a thing of value, without containing any affirmative obligation upon either party to it; a mere admission of a fact, in writing.

What is Batch Scanning?

Batch scanning is the process of scanning multiple documents in a single operation. On completion of the scanning process, the software separates the scanned pages back into their original documents.

What is Document Management?

A document management system is a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users. In the case of the management of digital documents such systems are based on computer programs.


Organized and structured repository that has indexed information in it for easy use. Retrieving, updating, analysis, and output is much easier to do this way. It is stored in a computer by graphics, reports, scripts, tables, and text.

Cloud Computing

The use of a managed, organized, protected network of servers, owned by a service company, but unknown to the public or user;  Access is only by the internet or directed URL using permissions granted by the service company. It allows for a procedure or a task to be managed by a collective of technologies, readily available at all times

Data Mining


through large data amounts

for useful information.

It uses artificial intelligence, neutral networks, and advanced statistical tools to decide trends, patterns, and relationships.

These trends

might be unnoticed otherwise.


A machine with digital circuits that uses data and

performs functions based on instructions.

Handheld Computer

A small device

that works like a laptop

but is not one. It can have

a calendar, diary,

data management,

word processing,

network and internet access.​